Drought Support
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Drought Support

Drought Support

06 November 2019


On 30 July 2018, the NSW Government announced its Emergency Relief Package to address the immediate needs of farmers and drought-affected communities.


The three major elements of the $500 million Emergency Drought Relief Package are:


  • Approximately $190 million for Drought Transport Subsidies
  • Approximately $100 million for cutting the cost of farming fees and charges – by waiving Local Land Services rates, waiving fixed water charges in rural and regional areas, and waiving class one agricultural vehicle registration costs, among other initiatives
  • $150 million to bolster the Farm Innovation Fund (FIF) infrastructure program.


The package also includes funding for:


  • Counselling and mental health
  • Critical services in regional communities including transporting water and drought related road upgrades and repairs
  • Animal welfare and stock disposal


NSW Government Drought Assistance, visit droughthub.nsw.gov.au


Updated 06-Nov-2019