Joint Organisation drives Road Network Study
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Joint Organisation drives Road Network Study

Joint Organisation drives Road Network Study

5 November 2019


The New England Joint Organisation consists of seven Councils located in Northern New South Wales including Narrabri, Tenterfield, Armidale, Glen Innes, Moree, Inverell and Uralla.


The Joint Organisation (JO) is largely funded by the NSW Government, with contributions from member Council’s.


Communities are benefiting from being part of the JO by having regional representation to drive economic sustainability, to attract investment in critical infrastructure and to foster well connected communities. The JO is also advocating to ministers and government departments in order to drive the needs of the region.


The Joint Organisation is coordinated by an Executive Officer Brooke Southwell, based in Narrabri, who reports to the seven Mayors who make up the NEJO Board. The Mayor of Uralla Shire Council is the Chairman of the Board.


“Our main priority for 2019/2020 is to work with a consultant on the development of a Road Network Strategy. We are aiming to have the plan developed by June 2020” said Chairman Michael Pearce.


NEJO have engaged a consultant to prepare the New England Road Network Strategy which is a key project for the NEJO, given that freight access to roads, rail and air transport is critical to supporting and growing the region’s economy and agricultural production.

Cardno is the consultant contracted to deliver the Strategy.  The Cardno team is led by Andrew Malowiecki who is an economist and project manager with over 35 years of practical transport industry experience.


Cardno is currently completing the first stage of the project including market sounding and engagement with large scale transport and freight organisations. Cardno will be visiting the new England this week to engage with major freight and transport providers. If members of the community wish to provide information to Cardno, please call 0439 927 301 or email: [email protected]


New England Joint Organisation Chair Michael Pearce with Cardno Project Manager Andrew Malowiecki

New England Joint Organisation Chair Michael Pearce with Cardno Project Manager Andrew Malowiecki


Further comments: Brooke Southwell | Executive Officer | 0448 219 208 | [email protected]