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The next Board Meeting of New England Joint Organisation (NEJO) will be held on 29th November 2021.


The Key functions of NEJO are:

> To deliver our Strategic Priorities;

> To build intergovernmental relationships; and

> To advocate on behalf of member councils.


These key functions are discussed during NEJO Board meetings.


The conduct of meetings for Members is outlined in the NEJO Code of Meeting Practice  document.


Business Papers and Minutes of these meetings are included in PDF format below.

Public Attendance


In accordance with section 5.16 of the NEJO Code of Meeting Practice, everyone is entitled to attend a meeting of the board and committees of the board. The board must ensure that all meetings of the board and committees of the board are open to the public.


This does not apply to parts of meetings that have been closed to the public under section 10A of the NSW Local Government Act.


Persons should refer to the Code of Meeting Practice before attending a meeting of Members.


The Joint Organisation may also allow members of the public to make representations at a meeting. Persons who wish to make representation on an item on a meeting agenda must make an application in writing to the Executive Officer of the Joint Organisation by email to at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting.

Updated on 12-Jul-2021

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