NEJO | New England Road Network Strategy
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New England Road Network Strategy

New England Road Network Strategy

NEJO have engaged a consultant to prepare the New England Road Network Strategy which is a key project for the NEJO, given that freight access to roads, rail and air transport is critical to supporting and growing the region’s economy and agricultural production.


Cardno is the consultant contracted to deliver this Strategy.  The Cardno team is led by Andrew Malowiecki who is an economist and project manager with over 35 years of practical transport industry experience. Andrew has led the Cardno Economics and Assurance team since December 2015. Prior to joining Cardno, Andrew was Associate Director at AECOM leading the Queensland Transport Economics business since 2007 and previously as a freight specialist at Queensland Rail and Railways of Australia.


Andrew is assisted by Larissa Miller, an experienced transport planning professional with over 10 years experience in the transport consultancy and sustainability fields and holds a Master of Planning. With a focus on strategic transport studies, multi-modal transport plans and sustainable transport modes, she supports public and private clients to improve transport connectivity, efficiency and accessibility, throughout Sydney and regional NSW.

Road construction

The development of the Network Strategy will be achieved by a staged approach, which will endeavour to:

  1. Identify current trends and opportunities for economic growth in the region and forecast the likely future freight task arising from this growth.
  2. Define the current condition and capacity of the road network to support high productivity freight movements throughout the region.
  3. Analyse the data to identify network constraints and pinch points in particular those inhibiting high productivity freight movements and constraining economic growth in the region.
  4. Prioritise potential projects or packages of works to improve freight capacity, capability and productivity on the road network.
  5. Prepare concept designs and business cases for prioritised projects or packages of work, including economic analysis of options to identify costs and benefits to inform future investment in the road network.

The New England Road Network Strategy (stages 1-4) is planned for completion by May 2020. Stage 5 of the project is planned to commence in June 2020.


If you have any questions about this project, please contact the NEJO Executive Officer Brooke Southwell on 0448 219 208 or email

Updated 25-Sept-2019

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