NEJO | Regional Strategic Plans
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Regional Strategic Plans

Regional Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans from across the New England and North West are available to read and download below for your convenience.

Regional Economic Development Strategic Plans

Regional Economic Development Strategic Plans

Includes, Northern New England & Southern New England High Country and Upper North West.

New England North West Regional Plan

New England North West Regional Plan

The NSW Government’s vision for the New England North West Region is: Nationally valued landscapes and strong, successful communities from the Great Dividing Range to the rich black soil plains.

Destination Country and Outback NSW Management Plan

Destination Country & Outback NSW Management Plan

5 Mb, Pdf

The DMP recognises & acknowledges this diversity while strongly encouraging greater collaboration to underpin & guide strategic destination development & management.

Arimdale City Activation Plan

Armidale City Activation Plan

19 Mb, Pdf

A process that brings together community and regional stakeholders to explore short and long term solutions to make the city centre and surrounds the thriving heart of the city, and of the region.

Last updated: 10-Jun-2021

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